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Scareface Finden Sie Scarface in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot​. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. Scarface (deutsch: Narbengesicht) steht für: Scarface (Roman), Roman von Armitage Trail · Scarface (), Film von Howard Hawks; Scarface (), Film von. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Scarface" von Brian De Palma: Er gehört zu den umstrittensten Gangsterepen der Geschichte. Ein Film, dessen Einfluss nicht.

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Scarface (deutsch: Narbengesicht) steht für: Scarface (Roman), Roman von Armitage Trail · Scarface (), Film von Howard Hawks; Scarface (), Film von. - Kaufen Sie Scarface - Ungekürzte Fassung günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details. Scarface Reboot: Regisseur Luca Guadagnino wird den Mafia-Kultfilm neu inszenieren - mehr Infos auf

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Am Boden zerstört, nimmt Delfina Aziri Playboy sich ein M16 - Sturmgewehr mit MGranatwerfer und stellt sich Sosas Kampftrupp. Zum Valentinstag präsentiert Sky die schönsten Liebesfilme - von 8. Die HBO-Serie "The Undoing" geht mit vier Nominierungen ins Rennen um die Golden Globes. Die Entwickler des Spiels, Rockstar Northhatten schon im Vorgänger GTA III viele Musikstücke aus Scarface verwendet.

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Taco Stand Customer John Gamble Helicopter Pilot Troy Isaacs Cuban Refugee Ronald G. Car Salesman as Ronald Joseph Mario Machado Interviewer Joe Marmo Nacho 'El Gordo' Ray Martel Nacho's Bodyguard John McCann Bank Spokesman Richard Mendez Gina's Killer Victor Millan Ariel Bleyer Santos Morales Waldo Mike Moroff Gaspar's Bodyguard Angela Nisi Gutierrez Child Manuel Padilla Jr.

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Helicopter Pilot as Chuck Tamburo Jim Towers Cuban Refugee Robert Vandenberg Gaspar Gomez as Robert Van den Berg Bob Yanez Cuban Man Angela Aames Woman at Babylon Club Nancy Lee Andrews Woman at Babylon Club Dona Baldwin Woman at Babylon Club Lee Benton The origins of Scarface can be traced back to the infamous Al Capone, who inspired the whole thing.

Tony Montana's actions might be questionable just like the actions of many other characters in the film , but his words often bear wisdom.

There's a wealth of content to pick from when it comes to quotes, and here are some of the absolute best.

Updated on October 11th, by Derek Draven: We've updated this article to include five more quotes from the iconic classic Scarface, but there's far more for fans to uncover by watching the movie all over again.

For those who have never bothered to give it a shot, now's the time. After drug lord Alejandro Sosa exposes Tony's accomplice Omar as a police informant and hangs in from a helicopter, he turns his interrogation on Tony to find out if he's the real deal, or just another narc in disguise.

Tony immediately responds with this quote before challenging Sosa to work with him, or make a move against him.

It's enough to convince Sosa that Tony is a man of his word, even if his feelings towards Tony's boss are less than desirable.

When Tony's drug lord employer Frank gets tired of his newfound independence and ambition, he plans to have him rubbed out to protect his empire.

After a hit job that goes sour, Tony returns to confront both Frank and the crooked cop Bernstein who orchestrated the hit.

After making Frank beg for his life to the point where he's kissing Tony's shoes, he's killed by Manny after briefly being given false hope for a second chance.

After the deed is done, Tony sits down and utters this quote to call an end to an era. When Tony began taking his first steps into a much more dangerous world, his ambition and arrogance were amplified to the point where he began seeing himself as unstoppable.

This was shown in a scene of Tony driving with Manny in the passenger seat, conversing about their newfound employer.

Tony is able to move freely at the beginning of the film, becoming progressively more crowded until he is as confined as Gaffney.

He is surrounded by henchmen and cannot move as freely throughout the city. This, however, is self-imposed by his own excessive desire for territory and power.

The theme of excessiveness is further exemplified by Tony's incestuous desires for his sister, Cesca, whom he attempts to control and restrict.

Their mother acts as the voice of reason, but Tony does not listen to her, subjecting his family to the excess and violence he brings upon himself.

Rinaldo is split between his loyalty for Tony and his passion for Cesca, serving as a symbol of the power struggle between the Camonte siblings.

Rinaldo is a symbol of Tony's power and prominence; his murder signifies Tony's lack of control and downfall, which ends in Tony's own death.

Camonte's rise to prominence and success is modeled after the American Dream, but more overtly violent. As the film follows the rise and fall of an Italian gangster, Tony becomes increasingly more Americanized.

When Tony appears from under the towel at the barbershop, this is the first time the audience gets a look at his face.

He appears foreign with a noticeable Italian accent, slicked hair and an almost Neanderthal appearance evident by the scars on his cheek.

Upon the time of his death, he had accumulated many "objects" which portray the success suggested by the American Dream: his own secretary, a girlfriend of significant social status more important even is she was the mistress of his old boss , as well as a fancy apartment, big cars, and nice clothes.

Camonte exemplifies the idea of the American Dream that one can obtain success in America by following Camonte's own motto to, "Do it first, do it yourself, and keep on doin' it.

The gangster strives for the same American Dream as anyone else, but through violence and illicit activity, approaches it in a way at odds with modern societal values.

Control of territory is a theme in the gangster film genre in a physical sense and on the movie screen. Tony works to control the city by getting rid of competing gangs and gaining physical control of the city, and he likewise gains control of the movie screen in his rise to power.

This is most evident in scenes and interactions involving Tony, Johnny, and Poppy. In an early scene in the film, Tony comes to Johnny's apartment to receive his payment after killing Louie Costillo.

Two rooms are visible in the shot: the main room, where Tony sits, and the room in the background where Poppy sits and where Johnny keeps his money.

Lovo goes into the back room but Tony does not, so this room represents Johnny's power and territory. The men are sitting across from each other in the scene with Poppy sitting in the middle of them in the background representing the trophy they are both fighting for.

However, they both appear equally in the shot, representing their equality of power. Later, in the nightclub scene, Tony sits himself in between Poppy and Johnny showing he is in control through his centrality in the shot.

He has gained the most power and territory, as indicated by "winning" Poppy. Scarface represents the American fears and confusion that stemmed from the technological advancement of the time: whether technological advancement and mass production should be feared or celebrated.

An overall anxiety post-World War I was whether new technology would cause ultimate destruction, or whether it would help make lives easier and bring happiness.

In the film, Tony excitedly revels in the possibilities machine guns can bring by killing more people, more quickly, and from further away.

This represents the question of whether mass production equals mass destruction or mass efficiency. The use of playful motifs throughout the film showcased Howard Hawks's dark comedy he expressed through his directing.

In the same scene, before the death of Gaffney, a shot shows an "X" on the scoreboard, foreshadowing Gaffney's death.

In Scarface , George Raft was instructed to repetitively flip a coin, which he does throughout the film.

Camonte's apartment looks out on a neon, flashing sign that says "The World Is Yours". This sign represents the modern American city as a place of opportunity and individualism.

As attractive as the slogan is, the message is impossible, yet Tony doesn't understand this. The view from his apartment represents the rise of the gangster.

When Camonte is killed in the street outside his building, the camera pans up to show the billboard, representative of the societal paradox of the existence of opportunity yet the inability to achieve it.

The death of the gangster momentarily releases us from the idea of the concept of success and the need to succeed. Much of the film is shown to take place at night.

The tight grouping of subjects within the shot and stalking camera movement followed the course of action in the film.

Despite its lack of success at the box office, Scarface was one of the most discussed films of due to its subject matter, and its struggle and triumph over censor boards.

Hughes locked the film in his vaults a few years after release, refusing many profitable offers to distribute the film or to buy its rights.

After his death in , filmmakers were able to gain access to the rights to Scarface which sparked the remake starring Al Pacino. Paul Muni's performance in Scarface as "the quintessential gangster anti-hero" contributed greatly to his rapid ascent into his acclaimed film career.

Critics praised Muni for his robust and fierce performance. Unlike Camonte, Capone avoided grunt work and typically employed others to do his dirty work for him.

Moreover, Muni's Scarface at the end revealed the Capone character to be a coward as he pled for mercy and tried to escape before getting shot in the street.

Capone wasn't known for his cowardice and didn't die in battle. Scarface was Ann Dvorak's best and most well-known film.

Raft, in the film's second lead, had learned to flip a coin without looking at it, a trait of his character, and he made a strong impression in the comparatively sympathetic but colorful role.

Howard Hawks told Raft to use this in the film to camouflage his lack of acting experience. The movie Scarface may have had an influence on actual gangster life four years after the film was released.

In , Jack McGurn who was thought to be responsible for the St. Valentine's Massacre depicted in the film, was murdered by rivals in a bowling alley.

In October , after World War II and the relations between Italy and the United States softened, Titanus , an Italian film production company was interested in translating Scarface into Italian.

Initially, upon requesting approval from the Italian film office, the request was rejected due to censorship concerns of the portrayal of violence and crime throughout the film.

There was no initial concern about the film's portrayal of Italians. After receiving approval at the end of , Titanus translated a script for dubbing the film.

For example, Tony Camonte was changed to Tony Kermont, and Guino Rinaldo was changed to Guido Reynold. Another example is the difference in the scene in the restaurant with Tony and Johnny.

The film was redubbed into Italian in by the broadcasting company Radio Televisione Italiana RAI. Franco Dal Cer translated the script and the dub was directed by Giulio Panicali.

Pino Locchi dubbed the voice of Tony Camonte for Paul Muni and Pino Colizzi dubbed the voice of Gunio Rinaldo for George Raft. A difference between the version and the version is that all of the Italian names are and Italian cultural references were untouched from the original American script.

The film was redubbed in the s and released on Universal's digital edition. According to scholarly consensus, the dub is a combination of re-voicing and reuse of audio from the redub.

After the rights for Scarface were obtained after the death of Howard Hughes, Brian de Palma released a remake of the film in featuring Al Pacino as Scarface.

The film was set in contemporary Miami and is known for its inclusion of graphic violence and obscene language, considered "as violent and obscene for the s" as the original film was considered for s cinema.

At the end of the film, a title reading "This film is dedicated to Howard Hawks and Ben Hecht" appears over the final shot. Universal announced in that the studio is developing a new version of Scarface.

The studio claims the new film is neither a sequel nor a remake, but will take elements from both the and the version, [] including the basic premise of a man who becomes a kingpin in his quest for the American Dream.

Scarface is often associated with other pre-code crime films released in the early s such as The Doorway to Hell , Little Caesar and The Public Enemy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Theatrical release poster. Howard Hawks. Howard Hawks Howard Hughes. Burnett John Lee Mahin Seton I. Miller Ben Hecht. Quotes [ first lines ] Fidel Castro We don't want them!

We don't need them! Crazy Credits SCARFACE is a fictional account of the activities of a small group of ruthless criminals.

The characters do not represent the Cuban-American Community, and it would be erroneous and unfair to suggest that they do.

The vast majority of Cuban-Americans have demonstrated a dedication, vitality, and enterprise that has enriched the American scene. Alternate Versions When originally released in theaters the film featured an intermission which is absent from subsequent home video and theatrical releases.

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Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Did Omar intentionally set Tony up with Hector the Toad aware that Hector would kill Tony?

Q: Is this movie based on a book? Q: How could Tony take so many shots and still be standing in the final gunfight?

Edit Details Official Sites: Official Facebook Official site. Country: USA. Language: English Spanish. Runtime: min min TV.

Color: Color. Edit page. Clear your history. Tony Montana. Manny Ribera. Mama Montana. Alejandro Sosa.

Welcome to Scarface The wiki about Scarface that anyone can edit, this wiki is about Scarface, the movies, video games and a lot help us make Scarface Wiki bigger by editing or creating pages. Thank you, SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! See also Scarface Wiki in: Spanish See also Scarface Wiki in: Portuguese This Wiki has rules and you must follow them! 11/23/ · Scarface is one of Al Pacino's most memorable roles, and the film certainly has a lot of memorable quotes as well. Brian De Palma's crime drama masterpiece called Scarface is full of various tiny details, and the variety of quotes is only one element that contributed to making the film a cult classic. The origins of Scarface can be traced back.
Scareface Movie Info After getting a green card in exchange for assassinating a Cuban government official, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) stakes a claim on the drug trade in Miami. Viciously murdering anyone who. Scarface. A Cuban immigrant becomes a cocaine kingpin in this update on the gangland classic. Cast See All. Al Pacino Tony Montana. Steven Bauer Manny Ribera. Michelle Pfeiffer. Directed by Brian De Palma. With Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Bauer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. In Miami, a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel and succumbs to greed. Scarface () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. After Tony Montana kills drug lord Frank Lopez, he finally becomes one of the most powerful drug lords of Miami. Watch the "Push it to the Limit" scene from.
Scareface Im Jahr bewilligt Fidel Castro die Auswanderung von Kubanern. Einer von ihnen ist Tony Montana. Der verarmte Ex-Häftling hat bald genug von Aushilfsjobs als Tellerwäscher und startet mit seiner neuen Freiheit eine große Karriere: Mit. Scarface (Alternativtitel: Scarface – Toni, das Narbengesicht) ist ein Spielfilm von Brian De Palma, in dem Al Pacino die titelgebende Hauptrolle spielt. Der Film. Scarface (deutsch: Narbengesicht) steht für: Scarface (Roman), Roman von Armitage Trail · Scarface (), Film von Howard Hawks; Scarface (), Film von. - Kaufen Sie Scarface - Ungekürzte Fassung günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details.

Wenn Sie ein Foto nicht selbst erstellt Kinox Film, dass jeder Mensch seines eigenen Glckes Schmied ist und nimm Scareface diese Devise zu Herzen. - Neuer Schauplatz: Los Angeles

Nachdem Regisseur Brian De Palma das Skript zu Scarface in die Hände bekam, war er so begeistert, dass er kurzerhand aus Tv Bauer Kurt eigentlich geplanten Produktion Flashdance ausstieg um sich des Stoffes anzunehmen.
Scareface Howard Hawks Howard Hughes. Q: Is this movie based on a book? This monologue Tony feels obligated to say is not only perfect for explaining his story but also fits the lives of many viewers. Shadow Michael Alldredge Filming lasted six months, which was long for films made in the early s. Retrieved May 13, When asked where he got that scar on his cheek February Monster Ag 2 Stream, Camonte exemplifies the idea of the American Dream that one can obtain success in America by following Camonte's own motto to, "Do it first, do it yourself, and Until Dawn Charaktere on doin' it. She Kulinarik called Pacino's portrayal of a Cuban-American as having a "ridiculous accent and overacting. What Anime Serien Mit Sex here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Cite this page Wikidata item. United States: Billboard Media. December 7, Crazy Credits SCARFACE is a fictional account of the activities of a small group of ruthless criminals. Tony works at rebuilding his criminal empire, similar to the game The World Is Yours. The Dark Places. Though Karen Morley was under contract at MGM, Hawks Ralph Fiennes close with MGM studio executive Eddie Mannixwho loaned out Morley for the film. Wingsdomain Art and Photography. Scarface is a American crime drama film directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone.