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Die Wikipedia [ˌvɪkiˈpeːdia] (Audio-Datei / Hörbeispiel anhören) ist ein am Januar gegründetes gemeinnütziges Projekt zur Erstellung einer freien​. Wikipedia ist das umfangreichste Lexikon der Welt und die größte gemeinschaftlich erstellte Sammlung Freien Wissens in annähernd Sprachen. Allein die. Masada ist eine archäologische Stätte in Israel. Auf einem Gipfelplateau am Rand der Judäischen Wüste, hoch über dem Toten Meer, ließ sich Herodes eine​.

Wie funktioniert Wikipedia?

in der Wikipedia tagtäglich ihr Wissen mit allen Menschen teilen. Freies Wissen schafft Veränderung. Der Zugang zu Wissen und Bildung ist ein. Mit der ersten Testzeile "Hello World", die Gründer Jimmy Wales im Januar in das Wiki tippte, war bereits der globale Anspruch formuliert: Die. Wikipedia ist das umfangreichste Lexikon der Welt und die größte gemeinschaftlich erstellte Sammlung Freien Wissens in annähernd Sprachen. Allein die.

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I Speedrun Wikipedia.

Download Wikipedia and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Explore your world, find a quick fact, or dive down a Wikipedia rabbit hole with the official Wikipedia app for iOS. With more than 40 million articles across nearly languages, your favorite free online encyclopedia is at your fingertips. The latest tweets from @Wikipedia. Primáti (Primates) představují řád placentálních savců, jenž zahrnuje infrařády lemurů a ksukolů, outloňů a komb, nártounů a opic včetně lidí.Pokud se nepočítá člověk, primáti osídlili všechny kontinenty Starého světa včetně Madagaskaru, dále Střední a Jižní Ameriku. 紅葉谷川庭園砂防施設は、広島県 廿日市市の厳島(宮島)内を流れる、砂防指定地紅葉谷川にある砂防施設。 厳島神社背後の弥山を流れる紅葉谷川で枕崎台風により土石流災害が発生し、文部省事業「史跡 名勝厳島災害復旧工事」により年竣工した。. The world's largest encyclopedia available on the Web at Wikipedia is user generated, and anyone can create or edit an article (see wiki). Founded in by Jimmy Wales, as of , there are more than six million articles in English, as well as articles in every language on earth. YSC 1 Dieses Cookie wird von Youtube gesetzt und dient dazu, die Aufrufe von Masken Lidl Videos zu verfolgen. In: Alexa Internet. Wikimedia Foundation Inc, abgerufen am Das WikiLibrary Manifest.
Wikipede However, when looking over these diffs, I, similar to CMD, can only find information Arztserie Deutsch mainly to the Armenian Genocide. Add Wikipedia to one of your lists below, or create a new one. If someone says "No, the user did a lot disruptions for preventing edits from genocide articles"; then please show evidence with diffs. I imagined this much shorter in my head. This is not Wikipede. New feature in V1. Hidden categories: Noindexed pages Project pages with short description Wikipedia semi-protected project pages Non-talk pages Wikipede are automatically signed Pages automatically checked for incorrect links Pages archived using a Biberino Bebra. Comment Not condoning BoMadsen88's behavior. Zoosendung Heute reverts my edits making false accusations, then later adds it back after he realizes he's wrong. I don't know why Morbidthoughts call it bludgeoning He was also blocked on Commons by the same reason. This is behavior that falls Deathgrip the prohibitions of WP:VOTESTACK. As you can see from the user's talk page, they have persistently violated WP:BLP policy by adding unsourced and, in some cases, Melissa Mcbride false content to articles.
Wikipede Masada ist eine archäologische Stätte in Israel. Auf einem Gipfelplateau am Rand der Judäischen Wüste, hoch über dem Toten Meer, ließ sich Herodes eine​. Die Wikipedia [ˌvɪkiˈpeːdia] (Audio-Datei / Hörbeispiel anhören) ist ein am Januar gegründetes gemeinnütziges Projekt zur Erstellung einer freien​. Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. Über uns · Stellenangebote · Impressum & Kontakt. Mitwirken. Mitglied werden · Jetzt spenden · Mittelverwendung. Vereinskanäle. Wikimedia Österreich ist Teil der weltweit tätigen Wikimedia-Organisation, die die Wikipedia und ihre Schwesterprojekte betreibt und finanziert. Unterstützen Sie.

When you start a discussion about an editor, you must leave a notice on the editor's talk page. The use of ping or the notification system is not sufficient for this purpose.

Click here to start a new discussion. User:Solavirum recently claimed that the Armenian Genocide had "happened because of the Armenian revolts, which happened because of the rising Armenian nationalism".

I had first encountered Solavirum when he voted to keep an an article I nominated to delete. The article was an obvious POVFORK that gave genocide denial undue weight, yet Solavirum voted to keep it without any explanation beyond a personal attack: " seems okay.

This request is WP:JDLI. Solavirum mostly edits articles related to conflicts involving Azerbaijan and Turkey, usually related to Armenia. Recently, User:Saotura was indefinitely blocked from Wikipedia for pushing Turkish nationalism and Armenian Genocide denial in articles.

Solavirum has also been previously warned about topic bans for Armenia, Azerbaijan, or related conflicts AA2 on at least three separate occasions, first by LouisAragon : , then by Cabayi : , and finally by Addictedtohistory :.

Update I understand most administrators will likely be unfamiliar with this historical topic, so here are some sources to provide some context on why this constitutes genocide denial:.

This officially distributed educational material reconstructs the history in line with the denial policies of the government portraying the Armenians as backstabbers and betrayers, who are portrayed as a threat to the sovereignty and identity of modern Turkey.

The demonization of the Armenians in Turkish education is a prevailing occurrence that is underwritten by the government to reinforce the denial discourse.

There was no genocide, and the Armenians were to blame for it. They were rebellious, seditious subjects who presented a danger to the empire and got what they deserved Still—the denialists claim—despite the existential threat posed by the Armenians and their Russian allies to the survival of the empire, there was no intention or effort by the Young Turk regime to eliminate the Armenians as a people.

In the past ten years a more sophisticated neo-denialism has emerged, which elaborates the argument that the Armenians were involved in insurrectionary activity that necessitated a counterinsurgency response from the Young Turk government.

A number of authors have worked with Professor M. Hakan Yavuz and published works with the University of Utah Press.

While there are differences in emphasis and interpretation among their works, these writers are to a large degree sympathetic to the defensive attitudes of Turkish government and military officials, favor evidence and accounts exculpatory of the Young Turk policies, and emphatically reject the notion of genocidal intention.

Some editors here were worried that the presented evidence so far was mainly about off-EnWiki activities.

Here goes the proof that Solavirum is part of a larger nationalist organization that targets English Wikipedia to skew Nagorno Karabakh Related articles.

He even received an award from Azerbaijani government for fighting Armenians on English Wikipedia. Open your eyes, my friends, this is a larger issue that you and I thought.

Placing this here in case people have comments related to Solavirum's onwiki conduct at the English Wikipedia. User is leaving hostile and uncivil edit summaries and comments.

Diffs: [16] , edit summaries at [17] , [18] , [19] , [20] , and generally at [21] See recent edit summaries re:John Park Lambert. Second issue is with Hullaballoo Wolfowitz signature.

I propose that the indefinitely imposed community sanctions warning recorded here be applied, "Hullaballoo Wolfowitz is also warned that further uncivil comments towards any editor will result in a block.

Let me preface this by saying that, at the time of writing this, I have only glanced at this complaint. That I am not familiar with the main participants or their respective histories I mean: Hullaballoo Wolfowitz and John Pack Lambert — I, of course, know and am fond of TimothyBlue.

I have less than a passing familiarity with this dispute seemingly over categories, one of the things I know least about on the project , and I am not committing to reviewing it further by virtue of this comment.

So, with that out of the way, here we go. Above, Hullaballoo Wolfowitz was criticized that the top of their user page features Image:Tombstone courthouse gallows.

I'd like to strongly disagree with anyone TimothyBlue? Don't want to be associated with a gallows? Don't have your most ardent supporters build an actual gallows in the midst of an insurrection which you are accused of inciting Mr.

I don't feel that this is an unreasonable position to adopt. It is not incitement, on Hullaballoo Wolfowitz part, nor is it a BLP violation against Trump himself — who, btw, I'd love to see sue Wikipedia over something like this, even though the likelihood of that happening pretty much approaches zero.

Anyway, the point is that I believe this is still within the bounds of acceptable userpage political expression for the times.

I realize the very notion of userpage political expression itself is something many find distasteful, even anathema —my own userpage last meaningful change circa included— but I would ventrue to remind participants that it is still very much an allowed practice.

Jeez, sorry for the length of this. I imagined this much shorter in my head. I don't think BulgeUwU is an unpleasant editor at all, nor do I object to covering interesting Cold War era topics like the Information Research Department.

However, when one editor is revamping Wikipedia's coverage of British Cold War topics POV-wise on a mass scale, extra eyes would be good.

I noticed BulgeUwU on my watchlist last year after he described Stanford historian Robert Conquest as an "IRD propagandist" [27] and English geographer Halford Mackinder as a "serial killer" [28].

In April , I dropped some constructive criticism on his talkpage and he reacted quite positively in my opinion: User talk:BulgeUwU Neutral point of view.

A while ago he again edited Robert Conquest to say that his work is controversial in the historiography of the USSR due to the discovery that he had worked as an agent for the secret British Cold War propaganda agency, the Information Research Department IRD , and that he had committed plagiarism by publishing unattributed IRD material as though it were his own independent research [29].

I contested the material on the talkpage and reverted. He also modified The Great Terror to say that much of the material used to create The Great Terror had been plagiarised from documents belonging to the IRD, a secret British Cold War propaganda department of which Conquest had been an agent [30].

Conquest's book was published by the Oxford University Press so these are quite heavy claims. It seems like distortion to me. He only has edited the lead sections to say, almost verbatim, that the people or works have been sponsored by the IRD which published disinformation, pro colonial, and anti-communist propaganda.

Examples: Darkness at Noon [31] , Orwell's list [32] , Richard Crossman [33] , Denis Healey [34] , Victor Kravchenko [35] , Douglas Hyde [36] , I Chose Freedom [37] , Vic Feather [38] , Carlton House Terrace [39] , Fredric Warburg [40] , Guy Burgess [41] , Sonia Orwell [42] , Will Lawther [43] , Brian Crozier [44].

I don't know what "pro colonial propaganda" and "misinformation" has to do with an Ukrainian defector writing about the Holodomor, other than that the edit is supposed to discredit to author for whatever reason.

I don't like that this is done semi-automatic style and mass-scale in lead sections. I'm not going to revert something like this in 25 articles, so I would appreciate if someone could review this and tell me if I'm only seeing ghosts.

Some admin suggests a soft block to HK ISPs including mobile network would be a solution, some suggests protect articles one by one. But really how to deal with these POV pushing edit: revive years old obsolete place name Ma Tau Chung.

Or piece by piece try to change Hong Kong or Country definition to slip pieces belong to dependent territory to Country-related article one by one?

Or just vote stacking in talk page? Matthew hk talk , 28 January UTC. Forget to mention, some of the meat not really willing to provide any reliable source and some involved in personal attack.

Francis Schonken has been edit-warring at Eight Short Preludes and Fugues and many, many other articles see recent contribs about the addition of Authority control templates by Tom.

These are generally added without incident, and as far as I have seen are usually considered mostly harmless. I note that this user has a rather long block log for edit-warring, with the most recent block being for a year; perhaps the next one should be permanent.

Graham 87 , 28 January UTC. As an example, I have created Template:ACArt and the accompanying module , a tailored authority control template for visual arts.

I have now added it to Jan Van Eyck , reducing the 35 or so AC links to 15 ones, discarding the superfluous, useless for enwiki , tenuous or redundant ones.

The list of what to include or exclude obviously needs further refinement, this is a rough first version, but it gives the idea.

Of course, if we start using this, we no longer can blindly add authority control to all pages The same could be done for all kinds of groups of subjects, wherever wanted.

A separate group could be created not based on the subject matter, but on the country of origin for example, so that e. Fram talk , 29 January UTC.

The "musicbrainz" information, particularly about recordings, is extremely useful, although it still needed checking from different sources.

It is a spurious work, in which apparently the Bach-Gesellschaft editor Johannes Brahms showed almost no interest according to the Bach scholar Russell Stinson.

On the other hand, for the article on the celebrated Prelude and Fugue in A minor, BWV , the corresponding wikidata had to be manually entered with some tweaking.

The audio file recently added on Commons for Robert Köbler playing on a Silbermann organ is now in the file: authority control shows that it was made in , even the month.

There are no scratches. Mathsci talk , 3 February UTC. Please note that Mathsci is under an indef interaction ban with Francis Schonken, so this seems like a rather blatant violation of that Iban.

They received previous blocks in November for other violations of that Iban, so it's not something from the distant past.

Fram talk , 3 February UTC. And looking at their recent edits, they seem to be following Francis Schonken around, sometimes avoiding the IBan by appearing after Francis Schonken but replying to others, sometimes not even trying to keep up the appearance and simply reverting FS [56].

Fram : All I can see is that Fram is making a number of bad faith edits. He has ignored. Fram has a history which involved my stroke three years ago , his own arbcom case and then WP:FRAM.

Starting this morning there has been a very broad effort to add non-notables to articles for places see this edit , here , here and here , among many others for examples.

Not sure what's driving this but the number of articles and editors is very widespread. Alansohn talk , 21 January UTC. I can't think of an easy solution.

The only crumb I can offer is that me-me-me links to DAB pages are unlikely to survive more than about two months before being booted into Row Z of the stands often, accompanied by redlinks and bad bluelinks on the same page.

Narky Blert talk , 22 January UTC. Can someone point to me exactly what TikTok users are seeing before they try this crap?

Is it just the video linked above [57]? Or is there something more going on? I'd like to create a custom message for the filter, but it would help to know what they think they are trying to do first.

Suffusion of Yellow talk , 25 January UTC. Not sure what's going on here. This can't be just one video, can it? Suffusion of Yellow talk , 26 January UTC.

User:Adrianna muise has been adding their names to mayoral positions. I stopped reverting after the 3rd time as I didn't want to edit-war and break 3RR.

I reverted as it was unsourced and likely to be challenged WP:BLP. Did I make a dumb mistake, or am I right? Steve M talk , 27 January UTC.

Right now, there is a major trend of mostly teenage vandals hopping on Wikipedia and adding themselves to most likely their hometown.

This campaign has actually been going on since yesterday, but most people aren't even aware of it thanks to the filters. Shiny edit bonjour.

Pahunkat talk , 28 January UTC. There will be warnings up to 4im, and it might be added. The Bushranger, all the templates are up, they will be with Twinkle shortly.

Can someone describe what the content of the above video was? It seems to have been made private, or removed. BoMadsen88 has been repeatedly uncivil and disruptive.

The issue stems from discussions at that can be seen Talk:Elon Musk about content that is critical of Musk. Many of their comments have been directed towards QRep I recently split a section of Musk's page into a subarticle to make the article more summary style.

After I did that, they opened these taunting discussions [58] and [59] on our talk pages. Can an admin please address this. This is clearly a troll.

The 88 almost tells you everything you need to know if the talk page comments didn't already. Sep 30, Sep 7, Aug 23, Download the file for your platform.

If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages. Warning Some features may not work without JavaScript.

Please try enabling it if you encounter problems. Search PyPI Search. Latest version Released: Nov 15, Word Lists.

Choose your language. My word lists. Tell us about this example sentence:. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.

The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Microsoft Visio Data Visualizer By Microsoft Corporation.

FindTime By Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Usage Analytics By Microsoft Corporation Power BI. NaN out of 5. Other people may use the Simple English Wikipedia because simple language helps them to understand unfamiliar topics or complex ideas.

When the Simple English Wikipedia began, the ordinary English Wikipedia already had , articles, and seven other Wikipedias in other languages had over 15, articles.

Since the other Wikipedias already have so many articles, most Simple English articles take articles from other Wikipedias and make them simple; they are usually not new articles.

This makes Simple English articles a good way to understand difficult articles from the ordinary English Wikipedia.

If someone cannot understand an idea in complex English, they can read the Simple English article. For this reason, people writing Simple English articles should put in " interwiki links " to and from the other Wikipedias.

Also, it is good to always look at all versions in all languages, to get new ideas. These things are a little different from the things the ordinary English Wikipedia does not do.

For example, in the Simple English version it is more important to explain slang , idioms , and jargon. The Simple English Wikipedia also has some articles that are also in the Wiktionary.

Wikipedia is a wiki , a kind of web site written by many people together. This means anyone can change any page by clicking on the "change this page" link.

You can do this on any page that is not protected.

Akademmistechko Askold's Grave Uhorske Urochyshche Baikove Cemetery Batyieva Hora Borshchahivka Cherepanova Hora Chokolivka Chorna Hora Demiivka Feofaniya Holosiiv Koncha-Zaspa Korchuvate Kurenivka Lukyanivka Lypky Lysa Hora Minskyi Masyv Nyvky Obolon Old Kyiv Pankivshchyna Pechersk Berestove Klov Vasylkivska Rohatka Petrivka Pyrohiv Podil Priorka Pushcha-Vodytsia Rybalskyi Ostriv Shuliavka Solomianka Sovky Sviatoshyn Syrets Tatarka Telychka Teremky Bytefence Deinstallieren Vita Vydubychi Vynohradar Yevbaz Zabaikove Zamkova Hora Zhuliany Zvirynets. Read the Wikipedia content disclaimer Wikipede more information. Among Kyiv's best-known monuments are Mikhail Mikeshin 's statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky astride his horse located near St. Encyclopedia of Halloween Schrift of Ukraine. Retrieved 16 November

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November illustrieren rund 2,6 Millionen Bilder die Artikel.
Wikipede Wikipedia definition: the name of a large website that provides free information in many languages on many subjects, and. Learn more. Našimi kurzy prošlo již přes účastníků!. Program Senioři píší Wikipedii, inspirovaný úspěšnou iniciativou Studenti píší Wikipedii, si klade za cíl více zapojit do používání a tvorby Wikipedie je skupina, která je zde doposud zastoupena velmi skromně, přestože právě senioři mají díky svým celoživotním zkušenostem a znalostem a dostatku času. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.