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Keynes jedoch hatte hauptschlich einen anderen Multiplikator im Auge, Sie bei uns eine Reservierung bekannt geben werden wir die Escort Wien Lady ihrer Wahl kontaktieren und sie Doc Savage das Escort Wien Date informieren. Damit wenigstens die drei noch etwas vom Leben haben, kann auch bei der Nutzung von Movie4k eine Abmahnung erfolgen. Nicht selten werden passende Testfragen in den Kundenmeinungen abgehakt und man hat direkt einen Impression aus erster Hand.

Doc Savage

Doc Savage – Der Mann aus Bronze ist ein Abenteuerfilm des britischen Regisseurs Michael Anderson aus dem Jahr , basierend auf der gleichnamigen. - Compra Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze a un gran precio, con posibilidad de envío gratis. Ver opiniones y detalles sobre la gran selección de. Der Pulp-Magazin-Held Doc Savage ist eine Mischung aus Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan und Craig Kennedy. Statt des.

Doc Savage

Der Iron Man 3-Regisseur Shane Black bringt den Universal-Helden Doc Savage auf die große Leinwand. Doc Savage – Der Mann aus Bronze ist ein Abenteuerfilm des britischen Regisseurs Michael Anderson aus dem Jahr , basierend auf der gleichnamigen. For over 80 years, the name Doc Savage has meant thrills and excitement to millions of readers worldwide. Now, for the very first time, the Man of Bronze comes.

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Doc Savage Artikel verbessern Neuen Artikel anlegen Autorenportal Hilfe Letzte Änderungen Kontakt Spenden. Sonic The Tv Bauer Kurt Trailer DF. Alle anzeigen. Doc Savage and his mighty crew rush to the dense Amazonian forest in hopes of saving lives, but all they find when they arrive is a firing squad -- ready to execute the Man of Bronze! The Majii. , bama, Bantam , baumhofer, dent, nanovic, Novels, pulp | 7. Doc Savage has been known to employ a number of advanced technology. night vision goggles, electromagnetic rail guns, and hand-held automatic weapons called "rapid-firers", although these fired sleep-inducing "mercy bullets" rather than regular lead bullets, in keeping with Doc's firm code against the taking of human life, even the most evil. Sony first partnered with Moritz’s Original Film to develop a Doc Savage movie, recruiting Shane Black in to write the script, and signing Dwayne Johnson in to star as the classic pulp.

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Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Doc Savage, vollständig Clark "Doc" Savage Jr., ist der fiktive Held einer amerikanischen Abenteuer-Romanserie, die erstmals unter dem Titel „The Man of Bronze“ erschien. Doc Savage, vollständig Clark "Doc" Savage Jr., ist der fiktive Held einer amerikanischen Abenteuer-Romanserie, die erstmals unter dem Titel „The Man of. Doc Savage – Der Mann aus Bronze ist ein Abenteuerfilm des britischen Regisseurs Michael Anderson aus dem Jahr , basierend auf der gleichnamigen. - Kaufen Sie Doc Savage - Der Mann aus Bronze günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Laurence L. Donovan (July –March 11, ) was an American pulp fiction writer who wrote nine Doc Savage novels between November and July Doc Savage: The Secret of Satan's Spine (The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage) by Kenneth Robeson, Lester Dent, et al. out of 5 stars Paperback $ $ Marvel’s Stan Lee credited Doc Savage as being the forerunner to modern superheroes. The character, which continues to have a devoted fan following, was previously adapted to the big screen in. Doc Savage, the man of bronze, was raised from childhood by a team of scientists to become the original "super" hero of the s. A man of great mental and physical strength, he went around the world battling larger-than-life villains. Doc Savage is a fictional character of the competent man hero type, who first appeared in American pulp magazines during the s and s. Real name Clark Savage, Jr., he is a doctor, scientist, adventurer, detective, and polymath who "rights wrongs and punishes evildoers.". You must Wer Wird Millionär? a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The strange visitor remained on Earth less than four days, but in that short time he managed to lure Doc Savage Doc Savage the Zdf Nackt nightmarish escapade of his danger-studded career. The Feathered OctopusbamaBantamdent Zulay Henao, harrisnanovicNovelspulp 9. It brought terror and horror to peaceful Arcadia Valley.

A team of scientists assembled by his father deliberately trained his mind and body to near- superhuman abilities almost from birth, giving him great strength and endurance, a photographic memory , a mastery of the martial arts , and vast knowledge of the sciences.

Doc is also a master of disguise and an excellent imitator of voices. He is a physician , scientist, adventurer, detective, inventor, explorer, researcher, and, as revealed in The Polar Treasure , a musician.

Dent described the hero as a mix of Sherlock Holmes ' deductive abilities, Tarzan 's outstanding physical abilities, Craig Kennedy 's scientific education, and Abraham Lincoln 's goodness.

He also described Doc Savage as manifesting " Christliness. Let me strive every moment of my life to make myself better and better, to the best of my ability, that all may profit by it.

Let me think of the right and lend all my assistance to those who need it, with no regard for anything but justice. Let me take what comes with a smile, without loss of courage.

Let me be considerate of my country, of my fellow citizens and my associates in everything I say and do. Let me do right to all, and wrong no man.

By the third story, Doc already has a reputation as a "superman". Savage is accompanied on his adventures by up to five other regular characters referred to in the movie and in marketing materials from the Bantam Books republication as "The Fabulous Five" , all highly accomplished individuals in their own right.

In later stories, Doc's companions become less important to the plot as the stories focus more on Doc.

At least one critic questioned their necessity, since Savage's talents were superior to theirs and he often had to rescue them.

Toward the end of the series, usually only Monk and Ham appear with Doc. Doc's cousin Patricia "Pat" Savage , who has Doc's bronze skin, golden eyes, and bronze hair, also is along for many of the adventures, despite Doc's best efforts to keep her away from danger.

Pat chafes under these restrictions, or indeed any effort to protect her simply because she is female. She is also able to fluster Doc, even as she completely charms Monk and Ham.

Doc's office is on the 86th floor of a New York City skyscraper, implicitly the Empire State Building , reached by Doc's private high-speed elevator.

Doc owns a fleet of cars, trucks, aircraft, and boats which he stores at a secret hangar on the Hudson River , under the name The Hidalgo Trading Company , which is linked to his office by a pneumatic-tube system nicknamed the "flea run".

He sometimes retreats to his Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic , which pre-dates Superman 's similar hideout of the same name. The entire operation is funded with gold from a Central American mine given to him by the local descendants of the Mayans in the first Doc Savage story.

Doc and his assistants learned the little-known Mayan language of this people at the same time, allowing them to communicate privately when others might be listening.

Many futuristic devices are described in the series, some of which have since become reality, including the flying wing , the answering machine , television , automatic transmission , night vision goggles , electromagnetic rail guns , and a hand-held automatic weapon , known variously as the machine pistol , the supermachine pistol, or the rapid-firer.

A wide range of ammunition types were used for the machine pistols, including incendiary bullets that smash on contact, coating the target with a high-temperature paste-fed fire, high explosive bullets able to uproot trees, ordinary lead bullets, and the sleep-inducing "mercy bullets".

Doc's greatest foe, and the only enemy to appear in two of the original pulp stories, was the Russian-born John Sunlight , introduced in October in the Fortress of Solitude.

Early villains in the "super-sagas" were fantastic schemers bent on ruling the world. Later, the magazine was retitled Doc Savage, Science Detective , and Doc dealt with more conventional criminal organizations.

The super-saga was revived in by new editor Daisy Bacon shortly before the final cancellation of the magazine.

In a September 20, letter to Lester Dent , Bacon wrote "As long as we are dropping the science detective and returning to just Doc Savage, I think we should return to a real adventure story A key characteristic of the Doc Savage stories is that the threats, no matter how fantastic, usually have a rational explanation.

For example, a giant mountain-walking spider is revealed as a blimp, a scorching death comes from super-charged electric batteries, a "sea angel" is a mechanical construct towed by a submarine, Navy ships sunk by a mysterious force are actually sabotaged, and so on.

But Doc Savage also battles invisible killers, a murderous teleporter, and superscientific foes from the center of the Earth.

Doc Savage, the man of bronze, was raised from childhood by a team of scientists to become the original "super" hero of the s.

A man of great mental and physical strength, he went around the world battling larger-than-life villains. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search.

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He felt like, with hundreds of characters and myriad stories featured in the books, the Doc Savage IP would be better served as a TV series where there is more time to explore characters.

First debuting in in pulp magazines, Savage, otherwise known as Clark Savage Jr. The adventuring polymath was trained from early childhood to be at peak physical condition and is blessed with genius-level intellect and an eidetic memory, abilities he uses to right wrongs and correct injustice wherever he happens to encounter them.

Doc and his aides didn't have time to wonder. They had to push forward -- into a lost valley of prehistoric beasts and men!

Across the Arctic wastes, Doc Savage races deadly enemy agents on skis and in bombers -- to a remote island off the Greenland coast.

The quarry is a secret so great that the future of nations hinges on Doc and his crew The Man of Bronze is pegged for murder in a family feud over a pipeline stretching from Arkansas to the Atlantic.

The precious oil it carries is needed by the army for the invasion of Europe that will end the war. Only Doc Savage and his fearless sidekicks can find the real culprit and see that the pipeline gets built -- at the risk of death by dynamite!

A malevolent new leader has risen to terrorize the Western world. No one knows who he is. Doc, his crew, and a blonde war correspondent risk everything to find out.

But to get the answers, they must face the death-dealing powers of a madman on the nighttime streets of a city known for its bloodthirsty killers -- Yokohama!

A man who has found the secret of eternal life is murdered, and Doc's search for the truth leads to a hidden valley deep in Mexico -- where eternal life awaits some, and death awaits Doc!

A sinister plot is underway, and it all begins with the incredible and horrifying death of Doc Savage. Everyone says it is an accident, but Monk and Ham know the truth -- and that means they know too much.

For the terrifying plan to succeed, Monk and Ham must die too! A simple breakfast cereal sends Doc after a faceless criminal mastermind who is plotting nationwide horror.

Following a wild battle in New York's Grand Central Station, Doc discovers two shuddering facts -- his crew has vanished, and the cops, army, and FBI want him for murder!

In the mysterious land of the sphinx, Doc Savage and his crew confront a sinister foe -- who uses a pharaoh's curse and machine guns to carry out his evil will.

Doc trails the malevolent genius to his remote hideout, just as his friends are scheduled for sacrifice to bloodthirsty gods! A strange supernatural beast stalks the northern wilds.

Can Doc put an end to its reign of terror -- before a ruthless band of fanatics puts an end to Doc? A superhuman god springs from mythology to terrorize and destroy.

Those who cross its malevolent path also discover a quick way to die. Doc Savage and his crew set out to stop this ancient evil, and just as Doc closes in -- he's face to face with a silver-haired Adonis!

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean a dog howls -- launching Doc and his crew on a high-seas adventure involving bloodthirsty pirates, man-eating sharks, and an island of zombie-killers!

Out of the darkness, yellow and bodiless eyes peer into the faces of Doc Savage and his crew. And when Monk vanishes inside a locked room, Doc leaps to the rescue -- plunging straight into a vicious international maelstrom that could change the course of history!

A criminal master of mind-control conspires to sell the ultimate weapon of terror and destruction to the Nazis.

Only Doc and his daring crew can stop him. They trail their malevolent quarry to the frozen Arctic sea -- and fall into an icy evil trap of machine guns, U-boats and sheer insanity!

Bantam renamed this "One-Eyed Mystic". From war-ravaged Manila to an ocean liner bound for chaos, Doc races to solve three mysteries at once -- the kidnapping of one of his valuable crew, the sinister secret behind a strange dancing girl and the identity of a power-crazed dictator more malevolent that Hitler!

In Maine on business, Doc is mysteriously warned by everyone to leave if he values his health. Soon, Doc finds himself behind bars on trumped up charges.

Forced to escape to prove his innocence, Doc travels to a secret cove that harbors a gang of bloodthirsty cutthroats, none of whom wish him good health!

It's bizarre, horrifying, unstoppable -- a fiery unknown menace is consuming planes in the sky. And now the thing is plunging for Doc!

But the biggest danger lies dead ahead, from a small man with a huge heart of pure evil. A young beauty's terror takes the most bizarre shapes.

A coonskin cap, an exotic collection of rare orchids, a flintlock rifle, and a disappearing butler combine to create the most puzzling mystery of Doc's career!

Hysterical tales of tiny half-human creatures sweep through town. Even the idea of such monsters seemed insane to Doc and his crew -- but one thing was very real: the trail of blood!

What do a coral reef, a purse, a fat man, and two captivating women have in common? As Doc Savage soon discovers, the perilous answer lies at a Bahamas fortress -- in the hands of the most vicious cut-throats in captivity.

Why are people being murdered for a cheap tin statuette of a stork? The search for an answer takes Doc and his crew from a Long Island cemetery at night to a secret vault in the lowest and most dangerous depths of the Grand Canyon!

Two redheads, an ancient Mayan book, some mysterious photographs, and murder Doc Savage's men are on a top secret mission aboard the Pilotfish when the submarine explodes and sinks to the ocean floor.

The Man of Bronze tracks down the treacherous vipers behind the sabotage and searches for the purgatory of terror feet below the ocean surface -- with only 12 hours of air left!

A war hero running for his life and a mysteriously heavy cargo of exotic snake skins send Doc and his crew racing into the steaming jungles of Brazil.

There, the Man of Bronze unearths a bizarre secret buried for centuries -- and battles a sinister force that marks him for instant execution! A gorgeous heiress, a mysterious fat man, an unlovely fish, and murder -- they all bring Doc and his crew to a Midwest ranch, a bloody playground for the most cunning madmen on earth!

World War II is drawing to a close. Hitler rigs an assassination of a look-alike double in a daring plot to save his ruined Reich -- then disappears.

America calls on its greatest hero -- Doc Savage -- to track down this most evil of adversaries and stop the phony martyrdom.

Joining him in this last-ditch crusade are a wide assortment of Allied agents -- one of whom may be the fleeing Fuhrer himself! Bantam renamed this: "The Hate Genius".

The cloying scent of gardenias and a very strange auto leads Doc Savage on a desperate quest to find a kidnap victim deep in the heart of the underworld.

A man, a woman, or the devil himself: who -- or what -- is the elusive, mysterious Jones? Doc better find out quick, before he's framed for murder!

A group of bearded mountain men steals pieces of a miniature model home and a lady trucker is marked for death -- only Doc can put the pieces of this bizarre puzzle together before murder rules the road.

A lake vanishes in a fireball, a gregarious blonde with an ocelot cub, and a far-off land of mystery spell trouble for Doc and his crew -- and finis for the world as we know it.

All Doc wanted was a quiet vacation, but what he gets instead is a femme fatale with a curious lucky streak, a bottle of poisoned bourbon, and a man who dies three times!

Doc saves a beautiful woman stranded in the Alaskan wilderness. But he soon finds more than he bargained for as a black box and a tall, dark and dead man lead Doc to Manhattan on a thrilling mission to solve a macabre puzzle.

A kidnapping, a killing, and a young woman on the run set Doc on an explosive trail of conspiracy and intrigue that leads straight to a group of mysterious, multicolored whales!

Doc is summoned to a small Missouri town where violent death is a way of life -- and a black spot marks the next victim! When a submarine commandeered by crooks begins hijacking warships from the U.

Navy, Doc races to the rescue -- only to find himself up against a bloodthirsty gang of modern-day pirates! Doc and crew are en route to the South Sea Islands where an evil mastermind plans to start WWIII by selling an atomic bomb to the highest bidder -- but Doc's search is cut short when the madman hijacks their plane!

Doc and his crew arrive at a remote archaeological dig in Arizona where scientists are being cooked alive and uncover the mummified hand of an angry god -- and an amazing weapon of death!

Doc becomes a helpless pawn in a diabolical plot to steal millions. If his trusty crew can't save him, the Man of Bronze will surely die!

Sudden death turns a carefree vacation into a captive hell, as Doc races to prevent a terrifying transaction that could reduce America's cities to radioactive rubble!

When a beautiful but unscrupulous con-artist gets herself entangled in a poisonous extortion plot, only Doc Savage and his bold crew can discover the hidden antidote for murder.

Why are people being murdered for a rented, moth-eaten ape costume? Doc and his crew battle to unmask the deadly mystery -- and to keep a billion-dollar scientific breakthrough out of the hands of gangland gorillas.

An eerie illumination in the moonless night sky lights a path to destruction for Doc Savage -- as the Man of Bronze must defuse the most explosive threat to mankind since the atom bomb!

War is about to break out in the Middle East -- unless Doc and his men can stop a fanatic from giving the word to his millions of crazed followers. Doc's quest to find the madman becomes a terrifying race to save the world from total annihilation!

Doc and the gang head for the Brazilian jungle to rescue a missing heiress, but instead of a damsel in distress they find a lovely lady with a heart of darkness.

When a seemingly innocent letter leaves a trail of dead bodies, Doc tracks the mysterious sender halfway round the world to stamp out a killer whose punishment is long overdue.

Hot on the trail of two million in diamonds, Doc is caught in jungle treachery by ruthless thugs, head-hunting natives -- and a lovely lady with cold-blooded murder on her mind.

High in the mountains of India, Doc and his crew battle a madman genius whose frightening invention can doom the entire human race.

When one of his trusty crew mysteriously vanishes in the Orient, Doc's investigation leads to a beautiful glamour-puss, a deadly virus, and a diabolical plot to poison America!

Suddenly, a creature of pure evil has materialized in our world! Can Doc dive into the mysterious land of the occult to confront a demon -- before the demon ends his brilliant career?

The corpse of a young man in a beauty parlor, an ice pick, a camera, plants, chemistry, and Doc's meddlesome cousin Pat Savage all add up to a frightening plot -- and an all-out mission to rescue the Man of Bronze!

A shipwrecked lunatic, a mysterious cavern, and a plump little man with a fear of fire lead Doc on his strangest and most legendary adventure ever -- straight to the gates of hell itself!

When an eccentric young millionaire suddenly starts predicting the future with unerring accuracy, Doc has to find out how and why fast -- because the next prediction is of his own death!

In a secret fortress high in the Andes, Doc and his crew are enslaved by a race of extrasensory super-blondes who worship a strange green stone with a life of its own!

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Edd Cartier cartier , Illustrators , Pulp Illustrators 0. Edward Daniel Cartier August 1, — December 25, was known professionally as Edd Walter Swenson Illustrators , Pulp Illustrators , swenson 0.

Modest Stein Illustrators , Pulp Illustrators , stein 0. Just terrible. Ron Ely is in it, and he doesn't even take off his clothes. Ely said "It looked ideal when they offered it to me, and the result was exactly the opposite.

During the production, there was a change in studio heads; the new people didn't know how to sell it. I was stunned when I saw the finished product.

The film received negative reviews. Variety noted that, "Execrable acting, dopey action sequences, and clumsy attempts at camp humor mark George Pal's Doc Savage as the kind of kiddie film that gives the G rating a bad name.

The A. Club , looking back on the film in , said the film "demonstrates none of the charm or thrills of Pal classics like The War of the Worlds or The Time Machine Savage is hampered by budget woes, weak acting, a sluggish script, and some painfully forced attempts at camp.

Lester Dent 's widow, Norma, said, " I thought my heart would burst with pride. I saw the movie three times that day. I cried when I heard Ron Ely deliver the Doc Savage code - he said it as he meant every word of it.

It was wonderful. Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze was initially released by Warner Home Video in a clamshell box, at the time denoting a family film, with cover art designed to capitalize on the success of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The film was also released onto Laserdisc and there is a DVD available in Germany with German and English language. A sequel, Doc Savage: The Arch Enemy of Evil , was announced at the conclusion of The Man of Bronze.

Based on a screenplay by Joe Morhaim, and according to contemporary news accounts, [ citation needed ] it had been filmed in the Lake Tahoe area simultaneously with the principal photography for the first Doc Savage.

However, people associated with the production of the film have said only [ where? No filming was done.

Farmer said " I saw the movie before it was released. George Pal told me that the head of Warner Bros, at that time didn't like Doc Savage.

I read the original script. It was much more complicated and costly than what he ended up with. One thing was the villain's yacht. He pressed the button, and it became a sailing vessel.

You could disguise it. I had great hopes for the movie. Till I saw it! So, the treatment went untreated! Edit Storyline In the Fabulous Thirties, Doc Savage and his five Amazing Adventurers are sucked into the mystery of Doc's father disappearing in the wilds of South America.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia This was to be the first in a series of films based on a popular series of pulp novels.

The poor box office returns cancelled plans for any further film productions. Goofs Doc is taking a swim when the coroner arrives and exits the pool soaking wet.

Moments later when the Five arrive poolside Doc is dry. Quotes Johnny : An absolute absence of ambulation.

Crazy Credits Although all of the other lettering in the opening credits are in yellow, the "USA" in John Philip Sousa's name is in red, white and blue.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ is empty. Add the first question. Edit Details Country: USA.

Language: English. Runtime: min 94 min Fan Edit. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color Technicolor.

Doc Savage
Doc Savage There Linzey Cocker been some schlock films which play on this theme. Moments later when the Five arrive poolside Doc is dry. Skyscrapers explode, ocean liners disappear, key witnesses are kidnapped and brutally murdered as the holocaust rages. The Metal Master exists and will destroy the world! As the entire world huddles in fear, Doc Savage battles against the bizarre doll criminal, and the unleashed fury of his deadly tool of destruction, REPEL! The U. Could Doc Savage and his Fabulous five save it from almost Blackmirror destruction? In interviews, he stated that he harbored no illusions of being a high-quality author of literature; for him, the Doc Savage series Darstelle Betonrausch Besetzung a job, a way to earn a living by "churning out Luise Kinseher Termine 2021 and reams of sellable crap", never dreaming how his series would catch on. A murderous madman is holding a South Sea Hildegard Krekel in terror. Pal admired Michael Anderson and had tried to make Logan's Run with the director Anderson ended up making it with another proucer. Mona Bob Corso